November 18, 2013

I read good...

Back when I was in college [waaaay back in 2001-2005] everyone did not have a cell phone. I mean, my roommate showed up to Manchester with a pager. A PAGER - I couldn't even tell you what to do with a pager.
We didn't have texting.
We didn't have facebook.
We didn't have Instagram.
I only knew one or two people that even had a digital camera.
We had a purple clear plastic cordless phone on our wall.
We had AOL and MSN instant messenger.
We had one desktop computer with a monitor the size of a 13" television.

In 2005, I was driving in Indianapolis one evening and I called Sarah's home phone from my cell phone [I got it my junior year of college, only because I was driving 800 miles by myself several times a year]. I was lost.

GPS didn't exist at that point [if it existed in anyone's life, I don't know about it], and I'm up shit creek without a paddle unless I can get ahold of Sarah. Thank goodness it's when it is because the time before this when I was lost I somehow ended up in the ghetto and called Sarah from a pay phone and she said "GET BACK IN YOUR CAR." I look around, there aren't any people, I think I'm safe. "NOW." Imagine me hustling my buns into my car and locking the doors immediately.

This time I'm driving around downtown Indy trying to figure out where I am, and Sarah asks me for my crossroads. "I'm on Sen-ah-tay Avenue."




tay." Am I stuttering or something? Why is this so confusing?

"Are you sure you're downtown?"

"Yes. It's S-E-N-A-T-E. Seh-nah-tay."

"Uh. Senate?"

"Oh. Yeah. Or that."

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