November 15, 2013

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The past seven days FLEW by! Whew! I know you are wondering what all I did [duh], so I'll recap for you.

Friday, November 8
This was the first Friday that I didn't have class - WOOO! - since our Friday class was 10-weeks long. So, I woke up early and scheduled some pedicures for 4 people. Me, Sarah, and two people of whom I didn't know. I showed up and was reunited with Sarah's BFF Kat [we met once before a few years ago] and Kat's awesome mom.
Then we ran errands...last minute runs to Target. Bandaids and pantyhose were on my list.

Then I dropped the toffee I made for the reception [they did a dessert buffet full of goodies made by friends] on the sidewalk outside. Classic.
nooooooooooooo!!! that toffee was the bomb. #sarahandpetertherealdeal

The rehearsal:
Untitled Untitled

Saturday, November 9
To bed late and up early! Hair. Makeup. Pictures. Main event. Reception. Dancing. Laughing.
Untitled veil
Untitled Untitled
hooray!!! #sarahandpetertherealdeal
This wedding was so beautiful! Deeply personal to who Sarah and Peter are, I felt so blessed to be a witness to their love.

Sunday, November 10
Brunch with all the friends!
Erin [left] is trying to convince everyone that her sourdough toast was made with bread that was "too fresh." Sayo [right] is giving me the ranking of all the reality singing television shows.

That night I let my hair down, so here's an update on the length...

Monday, November 11
Resting. I've never been happier to not have class than on a Monday after a full weekend! I made my favorite soup since the season where I am freezing all the time has begun. I'm not complaining, I love seasons!
it's a soup kind of day...if you don't know what kind of soup to make I recommend sweet potato, corn, and quinoa.

Tuesday, November 12
Class. This day was not that interesting, sorry.

Wednesday, November 13
Lab...preparing for my final head-to-toe check off with a standardized patient [you know, the actors who are "patients!] I'm totally excited! Who wants to let me practice on them between now and next Wednesday??

Then I went to the hospital to write down the information on my patient for my first day of clinicals!

Thursday, November 14
The day of my birth! Holla at me Valentine's Day conception, babies!

I was up at 5:00am so I could be at the hospital for clinicals by 6:30. AND I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE COFFEE. I was running on pure nerves and adrenaline. I'm happy to report that my patient survived my time with him. WHEW!

Then Mark and Ursie [the family I live with] took me out to dinner and I headed to the salon to...
chop my hair.

I went to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Salon in Fishers and Caitlyn was amazing. I showed her a few pics from my pinterest board and she rolled with me. As you might know, I'm completely, 100% not attached to my hair--hello, it grows back! So, this was a time to have a lot of fun!

I love it.

Friday, November 15
I'm now sitting here blogging, listening to Christmas music, and drinking the first coffee for my 31-year-old self.
Now I need to get down to business and do some work. BOO. 

How was your week?

love you people.

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