October 30, 2013

when I dream, I dream in Fall

You know what people don't say? 

No one, not one person I know at least, ever says "I don't like fall." You know why? Because it is beautiful. Bee-you-tee-ful. 

Trees that are green and yellow and orange and red and purple! [There is a PURPLE tree in my neighborhood. It's amazing.] If you don't find that to be stunning, I don't even know you. 

Autumn is an riot of color and color makes me happy. 

Today I got an email that said, "Say goodbye to fall...blah, blah, blah." I stopped reading because NO. I am not saying goodbye to fall, you moronic company who sent me this email.

I need, I want, I beg for one more month of fall. 
Two weeks? 


Here are some fall pictures of a family of my favorite people. Please note the ginger babies that I did not take and keep for my very own. Even though I wanted to.
Sometimes I have a leeeeetle bit of self-control. 


I love you, Fall. 
I love you, people. 

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