October 6, 2013

Star Wars and me

I sit here eating sweet potato chips watching movies on TV and declare before the world on this Sunday, October 6th, I have never seen Star Wars.

Not five minutes of any of the bajillion seven? six? movies.

I'm sure I'm about to sound very intelligent with my Star Wars knowledge most of which I have gleaned from things on Pinterest and IMDB. They seem to be good sources. Better than the movies?
Mmmmmm....probably not.

So, not watching Star Wars has become my "thing."
When it comes up [why does it always come up?!] I tell a new friend, "Oh yeah, I've never seen Star Wars" and I'm met with a moment of silence and a judgmental smirk. Then a "Why not?" Basically, it's the thing that's shocking about me. I'm quite scandalous.

I have no real reason.

I would like to call these laser-beam swords, but I remembered at the last minute they're called "Light Sabers." [Is that one word or two? lightsaber? light saber?]
His name is Han Solo? I swear it was Hans...

Today, I'm deciding I shall remedy this. If Star Wars was culturally significant enough to warrant a mention in Pitch Perfect, I should watch it. Plus, all my nerdy friends are simultaneously rolling their eyes at me and shaking their fists at me while saying "WATCH THESE FILMS, WE WILL MAKE JOKES WITH REFERENCES TO THEM!" I'm an outlier in the nerd community, I need to at least make this step so I can move closer to the inner sanctum. I will not play RPGs. I will not play RPGs.

Time. Place. Company. TBD.

Is Star Wars the bible for all things nerdy or something? What's the deal, yo?


  1. Lightsaber is one word. If you have any more Star Wars trivia questions, I'm happy to provide answers. Heck, I bet I can answer questions you've never had about Star Wars!

    1. hahahahaha, I know there are questions that I have about things that I don't know that I don't know.

      so, as your lovely wife suggested, what order should I watch them in?

  2. And: Ask John about what order in which to watch them. He has a good theory that he picked up from someone.

    1. oooooh, good suggestion, Kathy. I was debating chronological vs when they came out. (-: