October 4, 2013

last night I went crazy

That means I stayed up past 10:30pm.

Manchester-acappella-teacher friend Sarah [not to be confused with former-roommate-wedding friend Sarah] texted me on Monday to see if I wanted to go see Jon McLaughlin this week. "Oh, she probably means at IWU on Friday." I follow him on instagram, so I knew he'd be close then. [That's totally not creeper behavior.] Then she said Thursday in Bloomington. I don't know if you know, but Thursday is a school night. I'm not usually allowed to stay out late on a school night, my self-inflicted curfew has been 11:00pm since I turned 28. The concert didn't even start until 9:00pm.

I was screwed.

But, let's be real, there are only about 5 people who I'd like to see in concert. [Concerts just aren't my thing: large crowds-ugh; standing for hours-ugh; drunk people-ugh; being shoved by drunk people-ugh and get out of my personal space. I'm quite the social butterfly.] Mr. McLaughlin just happens to be one of those people who I want to see in concert. I did see him at Connor Prairie a few years back, so that is a testament to my fan-dom. In other news I'm a terrible fan because I'm easily distracted and forgetful.

Here's the song from the end of the night:

The full version. (-:

This song...I love it. Seriously. LOVE. 

So, it was a great concert. I have no complaints except the standing. In my ideal world, all concerts happen in rooms with stellar acoustics, no instruments are plugged in for sound [only for fancy-schmancy sound effects used minimally], there are seats for all [and people actually use them], and there are espresso beverages readily available. 

Happy Friday, friends! 

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