June 27, 2013

the herp from hades

In the past I've had a few days up to two weeks of allergies. They're mild, my throat is itchy and I move on. This year? 2013? My allergies were TERRIBLE. Itchy, itchy, itchy to the point of scratching my throat raw. My head was so filled with snot that I was literally leaking. And one day my eyeballs even joined in and assorted fluids were coming out.

It was super attractive.

I'm single, boys.

I went up to the lake for our annual family Get Ready for the Summer preparations and my head almost exploded. Then I got the herp. Some of you may call them cold sores, canker sores, blah blah blah, but let's be real: it's Herpes Simplex I. Above the waist. According to my microbiology class from last semester, over 90% of us have it, so we can call a spade a spade: I've got the herp.

The herp from hades to be exact. I blame my allergies for compromising my immune system.

This was the largest, most painful, horrifically scabby, ugly herp of my life. It was nasty y'all.

Don't worry, I photo-documented it.
Like I said, suuuuuuper attractive.

And if those photos weren't enough, it's on my driver's license for the next few years.
So, there's that.

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