June 11, 2013

this week's mani

I tried to chevron a nail last week. It was not so good. I think mostly because my striper polishes are getting old and thick and the brushes just aren't very good anymore.

And I found these:
I saw them at the beauty supply store I go to for $4.99, but I got them at Meijer for $2.99. The online link above is for $2.95 I believe.

The reason they're a duo is because there's a traditional brush when you twist AND a pen if you pull off the top!
Untitled  Untitled
I used the brush to paint the black lines and the pen to free-hand the hearts. I chose my favorite neutral [OPI Dulce de Leche] for the other nails. I finished with my top coat and an extra top-coat layer on the heart nails.
Oh, my cuticles look unfortunate.
The inspiration for this week came from a manicure I found on pinterest, the original from Nailside. This might be one of my favorites ever. It feels a little bit sweet, a little bit rock and roll.

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