March 14, 2012

why, hello

You may notice that I rarely apologize for my absence here. Why not? Because I don't feel sorry.

And I'm not sorry that I don't feel sorry that I'm not sorry that I don't feel sorry.

OK, for real: this blog is fun for me. I want it to be fun and I want it to be something I want to do and not something I have to do. I love that you read. I love that you comment. I love that you sheepishly tell me that you read my blog when I see your face. I love that you pester me to write more.

Except, I can't make this a job.

When I get into a funk, when life gets busy, when I feel lame, when I want to do something else--I'm gonna be MIA.

That's been life lately. Feel free to pester/love/message/call/text if you want to know more. Because I really do love y'all too.

Yeah, I said y'all. Wanna fight about it?


Last week I made this rocked my world.
DSC_0453 copy.jpg
I'm still thinking about it. You should probably make it too. Unless you're my mother/father/brothers and you hate both blue cheese and garbanzo beans [where did I come from??]. Then you should make something else.


Today this makes me SO HAPPY:
[This is the PolyFrame lite app.]

Today is a taste of summer. You know what I always think the most during these first days of warmth?
1. Oh, sunshine. I love you.
2. Dude. PUT ON A HELMET. Your mother/wife/children/partner/brother/sister/friend loves you.
3. Gurl, put on some pants. It is not time for daisy duke shorts yet. Is it ever time for that?
4. What's my hair doing in the wind as I drive with my windows down? Meh. Don't care.
5. Sunshine, I love you.
6. I hope spring lasts for forever.

How's spring in your part of the world?


  1. I'm attempting to comment again. I love reading your blogs. I love hearing your voice in your words. I leave your blog inspired to be more free and more me, not even knowing what that means just that I want it.