March 6, 2012


I've been having dreams lately.

Dreams about my Manchester College people.

Usually they're not too exciting, just talking and hanging out kinds of dreams. I always wake up feeling peaceful when I dream about these people. Those were some really good, very formative years filled with lots of growth.

So, I had my dreams and then I had to go through my stacks of pictures and photo albums and laugh at some of the ridiculousness that was my life. And probably still is.

These are from life before facebook. We used telephones that were hooked up to the wall. Cellphones were clunky and too expensive for a college student. AIM was our top chatting format. Almost no one had a laptop because they were so expensive. I didn't even drink coffee. Digital cameras? I think not. My favorite TV show? Trading Spaces.  I also made that hat I'm wearing.
Apple Pi girls, fake sororities were all the rage. OK, they weren't. We made one up and thought we were awesome. Because we were. Are.
California Raisinettes, no one knew who they were then either. (-:
Once Bea, Sarah and I went to a semi-formal in 80s dresses from the thrift store. We were that cool.

My first time in Europe [2003]:
How did I get the opportunity to travel with such fantastic people?
IMG_0947 IMG_0926
I really like to keep my mouth open in pictures. These are two firsts for me! On the left, my first time to use a street toilet. I was dying the entire trip to try it out and I finally had the correct change to do it! On the right, my first time on the Metro in Paris. This was my first time on any subway/public transit.

When I look at these pictures I think of lots of things but the top two are:
1) awesome people and
2) terrible clothing. I'm happy to say that my wardrobe has improved dramatically.

Ahh, college. (-:

I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up then [that hasn't changed], but I knew who I wanted to be. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in what's happening and when it's happening and how it's happening that I forget about who I want to be.

I'm grateful for a reminders of that through dreams and friends.


  1. There was another show we watched too, would make us cry and we said we were not allowed to watch together. It was on TLC, cannot remember the name though.

    1. I cannot remember this at all...but that totally sounds like something I would do. "No, we can't watch this show together because I'll cry." I'd probably still say something like that. (-: