February 21, 2012


-I'm at my local Starbucks. There's a guy talking on his bluetooth loudly and he keeps changing tables and people keep moving away from him. Yes, some people have no perception of others. I also thought people stopped using bluetooth except when they're driving? Am I out of touch with the world?

-I went shopping at Old Navy last weekend. It took me FOREVER because I don't know what size clothing I wear and I kept having to get dressed and grab other sizes. How long have I been shopping there? I also tried on "skinny" jeans while I was there. WHY, self, WHY? They looked awful. 

-I need to do my taxes. 

-Winter in Indiana has been LAME. What kind of winter is this?!?!? I want like 12 inches of snow! 

-It's time to research cleanses/detoxes. Does anyone have any advice? I really want to do something fairly natural--meaning I don't want a bunch of powdered crap or pills to take. 

-Do you watch Once Upon a Time? I am obsessed. OBSESSED. If I'm not home at 8pm on Sunday evening, I had better be close to somewhere where a TV is located. 

-For Lent I am giving up....whining about being single. Yeah, that'll be hard. I should whine about it right now before I give it up, but I don't feel like it. 

-I would like to squeeze my nephew. He has teeth now. Doesn't he know he's not allowed to grow up when I'm not around? 

-I need someone to drink coffee with me. I'm starting to talk to the baristas. You know how I feel about strangers. What is happening to me? 

-Do I like strangers now? 

-I don't think so. 

-Desperate times. Desperate times. 

-I want another tattoo...but I would not be following the rules. Plus it costs money and I'm living on a shoestring. BUT, if you're in the mood to do a bit of designing I want something like this: 

Source: davidhale.org via amy on Pinterest
Source: tumblr.com via amy on Pinterest

A combination of those two ideas...colors [I like the look of the colored picture but it doesn't have to be those colors]...and incorporate a symbol or the word "love" and the letters "H" and "R". Feel free to email me any submissions. (-:

-Stop freaking out, Mom.

-I'm thinking about forcing myself into a black and white photo March. Only b&w allowed here. Would that be weird?

-Yesterday Kate got me some free gum. She's a couponing queen.
In return for free gum, I taught her how to use Pinterest. Yeah, she gives me gum and I give her an addiction. I'm a good friend.

-If you're in the Durham area please get one of the following:

Then tell me about it. In great detail. Please and thank you.

-I have an idea for a writing/photography project about bodies...I need bold people willing to tell me stories and let me take their picture. I use the word "bold" because this involves some exposure. Not sexual. Just vulnerable words and exposed skin. If you may be interested...let me know! 

-I need to create. I need to create. I need to create. 

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