February 10, 2012

A Moment of Pride

Things this post contains: unfocused rambling, poorly constructed sentences, over-capitalization, over-hyphenation,  and word vomit. Also, it takes me many words to get to the point which happens at the very end in about 20 words. 

You all know that I don't share everything with you. There are things that are private. Things that don't need to be on the interwebs for the world to read. "See"? Things that become TMI.

It's a fine line. That fine line between over-share and enough-share to actually relate to the writer of the blog. The fine line between being totally egocentric and interesting/funny. The line between dear diary and this is my PUBLIC blog which every person who is my friend on facebook can see. [Yes, this is a top reason for my debate over whether someone should be my fb friend. Will I survive if they read my blog? Probably. OK, accepted. I don't want them to know things about me? Your friend request can sit in the land of facebook friend request purgatory.]

The things I hold close to my heart are saved up for private conversations with those I am most comfortable with. It might be you. It might not.

And if you're lucky enough you'll get that day of I-AM-COMPLETELY-OVERTAKEN-WITH-EMOTIONS-AND-NOW-IT-IS-FLOWING-FORTH-FROM-MY-MOUTH-BODY-AND-EYEBALLS. I publicly purge sometimes. I can't control it either. You can ask me a basic question and BAM. It's coming.

I cry a lot. I think it has to do with the fact that I am confused about my life a lot. [If you didn't know that about me feel free to delve into the archives around here. If you still didn't get that, I must write lies. Or at least I only cover the good stuff. Or I just talk about Hank.]

Those not-so-awesome moments are mixed with some I-AM-SO-FREAKING-AWESOME moments, I don't alway share either with you [see the type of blog where people brag all the time--annoying]. Sorry.

Today I had an awesome moment...and I'm actually going to share it with you. Feel special. (-:

The backstory: when I wrote my 30x30 I had this huge list of to-do's, goals, opportunities, etc. that I wanted to accomplish over the 1 1/2 years before I turned 30. A section of those goals are around my health and wellness. Specifically these goals:
  • try acupuncture
  • run a 5K
  • run a 10K
  • run the Indy Mini [recently modified to include any half-marathon]
  • complete a fast/detox/cleanse
  • lose 25 pounds
So of those I have done...zero. Bahahahaha! I know, it's not funny, but it is since I'm down to nine months before I turn 30.

Since about January 9th, I've buckled down to start training for the half-marathon and losing 25 lbs by working out regularly and tracking my food calories. If you follow the cooking closet you know I've been using MyFitnessPal to keep track of my food. 

As far as working out...I am employed by a gym. My rule is that if I have 3 hours or more of massage I don't have to spend any extra time in the gym. If I don't, I have to work out. Since about November, I have been BFF with the elliptical machine. Basically, I would do 3-4 miles or 45 minutes about four times a week. This was working pretty well, until I remembered a)I actually would need to RUN a 5K, 10K, and half-marathon. I can't complete it on a piece of equipment in the gym as much as I would like to. [WHAT?!?!] and b)I plateaued in my weight loss. The latter actually just pissed me off enough to start running. WHY AM I EATING HEALTHILY WHEN I'M NOT LOSING WEIGHT?!?!? 

Next step: add lifting weights. We can talk about that some other time. I'll let you know if it actually helps me. 

[I'm word vomiting like crazy tonight. If you're still reading: bless you. I'm getting to my moment of pride now. I'll even add a picture.]

Moment of pride: I did a little run last Tuesday for the first time in awhile. It actually felt pretty good, but I was dragging along two dogs and one was trying to eat goose poop the entire time, so I quit before I went too far. Wednesday I ran at Spiece on the treadmill. I don't like running on treadmills. Not fun. 

Tonight, I got home from work and it was snowing, but I ate a Dunkin' Donut chocolate heart doughnut filled with delicious calorie-dense sugar creme at lunch time, so I told myself I had to run. My goal? 3K. I could do that.
I did it. THEN I KEPT GOING. eeeeee! I ended up jogging a 5K [which is about 3.1 miles] and feeling pretty ding-dang good. I probably could have gone longer.

And I was proud of myself. 
The end. 


  1. Good for you Amy! You've inspired me! (I've been trying to start running/do cardio stuff for a while and I haven't succeeded yet.)

    1. Thank, Jody! Next time I'm in town, let's go for a jog.

      p.s. a slow jog. (-:

  2. Woo Hoo! You are my hero! Keep it up! =-)

    1. Thanks! I need to get some more clothes to wear while I run...I only have a couple of pairs of shorts and all my sweats from college are huge. Why did I think I needed to purchase only XXL pants? They get all wet and heavy and fall off. No bueno. (-:

  3. EEEE! I am so proud of you!!!!! I want to run like that too!

    I get to start thinking about running in april. maybe it will happen!

    I miss you, dearest.

    1. Thanks, Kathy! Someday, I hope you can! I'm praying for that foot. Just a little swimming? I hope it's coming soon for you! Miss you. xoxo, amy

  4. This is sooooo awesome! Working in a gym is a super perk as far as ease of workouts go. I'm so excited and proud for/of you! And (as someone who just tried acupuncture for the first time) I can tell you that jogging a 5k is Way less pleasant. You can knock that one off the list any time. Easy.

    1. Lee, you just tried acupuncture?!?! I want to know more! Thanks! I love working at the gym, it keeps me so motivated. That and the cute trainer. (-;