June 6, 2011


I'm in Kansas.
Wheat is beautiful. It's not quite time for harvest, see that green? That's the only reason I know it's not quite time, other than that, I have no clue. We didn't grow wheat when I was a child, we grew alfalfa. Do you say "alf-alf-uh" or "al-FAL-fuh"? I say the former, but my FFA roomie from college (who grew up in downtown Indianapolis) told me it was the latter. I maintain my right-ness.
I love this dog. If I could convince her to ride in a car for 15 hours AND to live in a house she would be mine. Of course, she prefers the freedom (and rabbit chasing) on the farm.
Today I went into a local coffee shop and ordered an "iced coffee." Now, when I order iced coffee generally the barista turns around pulls a pitcher out of a fridge and pours me some coffee (usually just a strong-double strength-brew that's cold) but today the barista looked confused.
"So, do you want an iced latte or brewed iced coffee?"
"Brewed iced coffee."
He pulled out a cup, filled it with ice and handed it to me so I could put the hot coffee over the ice. It was weird. It was also cheap so I tried it out. Not the best, local coffee place, not the best. I'll go with the iced latte next time.

Oh yeah, why am I in Kansas? Well, my friend Becky was driving home from Michigan--yay for finishing her master's program!--and I was in Indiana and she couldn't find anyone to drive back with her. So I did.
photo (1)*
Then she hit a deer. Literally, we were less than 8 miles on the road.
Then a hot state patrol officer came. I have a thing for bald men, I can't help it. I also have a thing for legs. And butts. And smiles. And laughter. And crinkly eyes. And dark eyelashes. And gingers. And gentleness. And kindness. And confidence. And curly hair. And musical talent (minus tenors). And interesting stories. And athleticism. And love of babies.
It doesn't take much.
FYI: That's a lie. 

Back to the story: basically we sat in her car for 3 1/2 hours between waiting for the state patrolman and the tow-truck (I may or may not have used the non-existent bathroom facilities in the ditch) and then we stayed overnight at some incredibly generous friend's home THEN we drove an hour east to pick up a new truck THEN we moved all the stuff to the new truck with the help of some incredibly kind men from the rental place THEN we hit the road.
photo (4)*
And 29 hours later--we stayed overnight in Illinois--we arrived in McPherson. Whew!!

Then I was home for about 18 hours and we hopped in the car and drove 3 hours to see my brother, sister-in-law, and their baby bump (aka my future nephew). Then we drove back to Mac.
photo (3)*
Next up? Back to Indiana on Friday!
photo (2)*

Wow, I sure love driving places.**

*Bee-Tee-Dubs, we NEVER drive through Chicago. We go down to Indianapolis on I-69 and then take I-70. Chicago is the devil when it comes to driving. I just don't know how to adjust the maps on my iPhone. I have the route from Indiana to Kansas memorized. Mostly because I've seen it since my birth and then drove it many, many, many times since becoming a legal driver.

**Please note that this sentence is sarcastic.


  1. Amy deserves saint-hood for coming with me on that adventure. *SMOOCH*

  2. @Becky: saint-hood might be a little extreme. (-: