June 7, 2011

One of my many quirks

I started drinking coffee in the Fall of 2006. Megan made me do it.

Our favorite place to meet was The Hearth Room in McPherson. The Hearth Room was a small coffee shop in the midst of The Button Hole (a quilting shop) and the Christian bookstore (which probably had a name, but I don't remember it). None of those places exist anymore.

The Button Hole closed, the Christian bookstore and The Hearth Room joined up and became: The Well.

The Well is great.
The Well is quiet.
The Well has lots of areas for conversations.
The Well doesn't care that I sit around for hours using their internet.
The Well is the place where I run into the most people from my past.
The Well hosts fun events. I've heard. I haven't been.

All of those reasons mean that I like The Well. Except, I have too many good memories from The Hearth Room. I liked that it was tiny. I miss the intimacy of The Hearth Room. I also miss gatherings with Megan, Emily and Beth.

Therefore, I don't want to sit anywhere in The Well except where The Hearth Room used to be which coincidentally also is where the furniture from The Hearth Room is located.
It's a sign.

It's also a [possibly charming?] quirk.

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