January 25, 2011

Something's Baking

And it's not at my house.
It's in Mound City, KS. A town with no stop lights.
I know, it's shocking to me too-the lack of stop lights, not the fetus. This is why I promised that when my brother and sister-in-law have children they are required to put those kids on a plane to visit me in a place with stop lights...and theater (not the movie kind)...and lots of people...mostly I make these demands because I know I'm going to live far away and I'm going to need some QT (quality time) with my little nieces and nephews.
I'm going to be an Aunt in August! Do you say "ant" or "awe-uhnt"? I'm thinking that I should be Auntie Amy. But with the "ant-y." What do you think? Do I get a say? Basically whatever the little munchkin calls me will be acceptable.

I started to talk to the baby over Christmas, but it made Abby feel uncomfortable. I'm just making sure that my voice is imprinted from an early age. And I got to make all the baby jokes and talk to Abby's uterus then because I might not see them for awhile. I've got to get my time in when I can. It's important.

My favorite joke: While we were driving if anyone farted in the car I would yell, "Don't poison the baby!!!!" I think I'm funny.

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