January 16, 2011


I thought that people might be hesitant because they couldn't see the full intensity. I mean, those pictures look a lot like two shades of orange to me. Are you getting any pink? I think not. Well...for full effect:

I love this styrofoam head. I think it's beautiful. Perhaps a little creepy, but it sits in my bookcase so I can't see her face while I sleep since that's the only time that creepy things are creepy.
As promised...the hat hawtness is here.
Yup, I look bald. Thank you to those of you who voted for the short hair.

Megan looks cute, except she says that this hat was made for a middle school girl. I have no idea what she means. I'd totally wear it except I don't need it (and I look bald).

I'm not sure that you're getting the full intensity of the neon orange and pink that make up this hat, but if you're the winner you will come to understand it.

It's time for a story:

Back in the day (approximately 17-23 years ago) I enjoyed pretending that I was a sixteen year old. My cousins and I would play in my grandparent's basement and we would be poor, orphaned sisters abandoned by society.

Woe is me. It was all very dramatic.

As the oldest, sixteen-year-old adult, I usually took on a maternal role for my much younger "sisters" (in real life we were all about the same age) who needed my guidance. I was so wise.

Of course, we had pretend names. Wanna guess what mine was?

Do ya?

"Jasmine, but you can call me Jazzy."

Usually I took the time in the preparation of playing pretend to clarify that "Jazzy is spelled J-A-Z-Z-Y, not with the "s" from Jasmine." Yup, that was me. The old, wise, sweet-sixteen Jazzy. Classy.

I totally stole "Jasmine" from Aladdin (obviously) because Aladdin was my cartoon crush. Hottest cartoon character? Aladdin. [I feel that you should know that "Jasmine" was only my name after Aladdin came out in 1992, prior to that I can't remember my name, the important part was that I was sixteen years old, which mean that I was an adult.]

You're left with two choice here. You can either leave a comment telling me your pretend name from you make-believe games as a child or your cartoon crush. 

I guess there are three choices: you can tell me both. 

Comments will be taken until 
Thursday, January 20 at 10pm. 
I'll send you the hat if random.org thinks you're a winner. 
Sheila B you're a winner!! Shoot me an email or FB message so I know where to send this lovely, lovely winter-wear. 

If you haven't read these comments...take some time to do so, they are awesome! 
I love you people!


  1. rachel's test seems to have worked. so:

    when we played as kids, we always used to play "American Girl" (yes, like the american girl doll).

    I was always Kirsten. my sister was samantha, the evil villan, but doubled as the other girl in that series, Nellie, as a good heart. my friend amy always played Molly.

    also, I was lady lovely locks for a while.

    as for cartoon crushes... hmm... i can't recall who they were, If I had any.

  2. My imaginary name was.. wait for it... Jabulelay. My parents joked once that they might have named me that and I fell in love with it. I loved the idea of something that expressed my SA heritage.
    My cartoon crush was Gambit from X-men. Hawt!
    Thank you!

  3. Ok so I kinda had two imaginary names growing up. I was obsessed with Archie comics so my names would switch from betty and veronica. If I felt like being a little more snobbish in my pretending I would put my veronica name into action. I still use Veronica as my fake name when I don't want someone to know my real name!! AND my cartoon crush was Eric from The Little Mermaid!!!

  4. I don't remember a consistent pretend name for myself, but my imaginary friend as a child was a big brother named Caffee who eventually went away to college in California.

    My cartoon crush was the fox from Robin Hood. I mean, he may be an animal, but he's a FOX, right?

  5. I don't remember any particular name. I think I used Violet from the Boxcar Children. But I also remember playing all the parts in the story. I'd be the witch and the princess and everything!

    My cartoon crush. Hmmm. I think it might be Peter Pan. I always wanted to be Wendy.

  6. So, I've been thinking...

    My brothers called me "smurfette" ... because my cousin painted my face one summer completely blue with zinc oxide (he told me it was rubbing in - but I found out later that it wasn't) ... so I began owning the name and playing like the smurfs! :)

  7. My pretend name was ALWAYS raven, I had black hair and green eyes, and I LOVE that hat.