December 13, 2010

See that?


It's not accurate. Add about 10 hours (from midnight to 10am) and then another 7 since I get into Wichita around 4:45pm. However, I'm comin' to KANSAS! 

Grab your mugs, it's time for a coffee date!
(Or a massage...I only have 2 people [not counting my immediate family] on my list. Email me, we'll talk time and price.)

1 comment :

  1. I has been watching this countdown. and for your next update. and I just have to say:



    (boo you're leaving, but what can I say, I don't see you often enough and I have to be a crazy writer anyway)
    (and yay! family, friends, home places, good times, coffee, massages! [I mean, I can celebrate them even if I'm not getting them.] yay Christmas and crafty times!)

    Yay! fun updates!