December 3, 2010

It's Time for a Giveaway!

You know I love Christmas music. You need some of that love.

Trust me.

I am now going to admit something to you. I just spent some time (no, I'm not telling you how much) reading the biographies for the members of Straight No Chaser. And yes, if they were a tenor 1 or 2 I totally skipped their pages.

I am mean to tenors (at least ones I don't know).

I'm sorry to all the tenors out there, I don't know why I'm such a bad person. Or a weird person. Or whatever I am.

Anyways, back to the task at hand. You want some Christmas music?

These are 3 of the most recent albums I have purchased:
1. Christmas Cheers, Straight No Chaser
Pretty good. In my opinion not as good as the first album. Still, how can you go wrong with men's a cappella? That's right, you can't.

2. Very Merry Christmas, Dave Barnes
This is a really fun album with just a few traditional songs you'll know and several new ones that you need to know. I love Dave Barnes in a totally platonic way since we don't know each other. I mean, I love him as I love all human beings, but not romantic, lustful, I-want-to-have-your-babies love. And I'm done. 

3. Let it Snow, Michael Buble
He's a crooner. I'm a swooner. This album is delightful and makes me think of Christmas trees and fireplaces and knitting while big, fluffy snowflakes float down outside. You know, your traditional country Christmas.

So, the winner gets his or her choice of one of these three albums.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite Christmas song. Soooooo easy.

Deadline: Sunday, Dec. 5 8:00pm 

I like you. I think you're nice.

Do you have all these albums? Fine, you're not invited to the party. I also got Celtic Woman's Christmas album...are you interested in that one?

Deets: One comment per person, music will be sent through iTunes via email.

WINNER chosen by!!!
Erin, whose favorite song is
definitely O Holy Night.
I have a CD mix I made a couple years ago with all artists I could find singing that song.


  1. Silent Night.

    During the Christmas Eve candlelight service as my family leads the congregation, with my father playing his guitar, while the candles being lit fill the darkened room with light. Like we've done since I can remember nearly every Christmas Eve.

  2. Up on the Housetop.

    This is just a fun Christmas song. It's the first one I can remember singing. Plus I had a special recording of it done by Fred Flintstone. :)

  3. Baby It's Cold Outside

    Jake sings it to me while we snuggle during the winter months. It is also his ringtone when I call him on his cell. He loves me.

  4. i like silent night. totally traditional, but true. I almost emailed you josh groban's album as a gift, but figured you'd already gotten it for yourself. true?

    call me soon.

  5. Celtic Women, why am I not shocked?

    I love Julie Andrews rendition of Silent Night. We listened to her CD nonstop growing up.

  6. Carol of the Bells......I know I know it's over done by sooooooooo many groups but I can't help it. Traditional, arranged, mashed up in something else, novelty, I don't care. I LOVE IT!!!!!

  7. Definitely O Holy Night.
    I have a CD mix I made a couple years ago with all artists I could find singing that song.

  8. It's a tie between of the father's love begotten and I heard the bells on Christmas day....oh and the holly and the ivy. I also like oh holy night. Don't bother sending an email, I don't have a computer let alone itunes. I just like this question!

  9. I think I have a different favorite every year, but right now I'm missing home a lot and this song always makes me think of my family. So here it is....I love love love Barbara Streisand's Jingle Bells. It's super fast and takes a lot of enunciation to sing a long with, which means making funny faces while singing. :) It's such a happy song....and who doesn't want "happy" at Christmas?? :)

  10. Carol of the Bells

  11. O Come All Ye Faithful