December 9, 2010

Blast From the Past

via facebook notes.

Apparently, I used to write notes on facebook. I don't anymore, I write things over here instead. Right now I am extraordinarily busy doing things so I am just going to do a little copy and paste action and hope that this will sustain you until I've edited a picture or two (probably next Tuesday that will happen while I'm in the airport) and have taken the time to step away from the sewing machine.

Here goes:

things i love....and miss...and look forward to in the future

by Amy Elizabeth Hoffman on Friday, December 12, 2008 at 9:34am
-having a baby fall asleep on my chest
-fall leaves
-rainy days when i don't have to get out of bed
-harry potter books
-characters who are unrealistically perfect
-men (bald, gingers, asian, nerdy, athletic, tall, curly, legs-i love good legs, smart, ambitious, curious, beards, artsy, funny, dark-skinned, pale, tattoos, emo, happy)
-drinking coffee
-good conversation
-drinking coffee while having good conversation
-i have an obsession with musical theatre, however this didn't actually begin until 2005
-baking for other people-cookies, cakes, bread, pie
-mom, dad, david, matthew and abby
-snow, seriously what was i thinking moving to a place with no snow?!?
-really nice pens
-fire-candles, fireplace, the bon kind
-when people are excited to see you
-hugs-the real kind involving squeezing and emotional warmth
-squeezing pimples
-Oliver Lake in LaGrange, IN (this is my favorite place in the ENTIRE world)
-my grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, and cousin's babies
-amazing friends
-the feel of sand between my toes
-laying in my bed with my roommate watching grey's anatomy on the computer using stolen internet
-my bed
-being silly
-documenting my life
-college students
-the olympics

-lists. i start thinking about these lists in my head as i drive. i spend a lot of time driving. ( :
Luckily I don't have to drive as much as I used to, that was a year of lots and lots and lots and lots of driving between work and massage school. Now, I just hop and skip over to Chapel Hill for work (but it's not as long of a drive as when I was working at UNC because I don't have to deal with campus parking) and then spend the rest of my time in Durham (greatest city in Americur). 
What do you love, miss or look forward to in the future?

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