April 21, 2010

Why Am I Single?

Ten fantastic skills I have:

1. I can crack an egg with one hand. And I usually (like, 90% of the time) don't even get any shells in the eggs.
2. I can fold a fitted sheet. Yes, mad, mad skills.
3. I can show affection. Just ask Hank.
4. I can get ready for my day in less than 30 minutes.
5. I can bake. (I don't know if you knew this about me, but I CAN! I CAN!)
6. I can bargain hunt like a police dog searching for drugs. (Bad analogy? OK, you're right.)
7. I can give a bangarang massage.
8. I can--and do--quote action adventure movies and lame-o comedies.
9. I can put on my spare tire, if I were to have a flat.
10. I can knit a scarf and crochet a hat.

See? I gots skillz. Apparently they're not spelling, nor are they highly-desirable dating qualities.

I'm sure you know, since you haven't gotten an update that speaks otherwise, that my plan of finding truuuuuuuuuueeee wuv on my blog has failed...so far.

I am, however, KEEPING HOPE ALIVE!

Thank you.

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