April 11, 2010

In the Spirit of Ridiculousness

Which I am.

Completely ridiculous, that is.

I will now tell you about my wedding. The one in my head.

Here's my wedding ring set:
I mean, if he wants to give me his grandmother's ring or some other lovely family heirloom I'd take that too, but I like these. Simple. Pretty. Personal (the word on the silver band is customized). HOWEVER, I don't hate diamonds. Just putting it out there.

Here's the dress:
It's from J. Crew, and I like it's simplicity. I like the empire waist. I like the price-tag. I like the crossover detail over the bust and that it's not guilded to death. I am a little worried about boob-control. Strapless+Large Bosom=Iffy support. I can see this at an outdoor wedding at the lake. That would be Oliver Lake in Indiana, which, as you've heard, is my favorite place on earth. Which is where I'm getting married in the fantasy land residing in my head.

Here's the jewelry:
Yeah, I know. It makes my heart go pitter-patter too. Seriously. It's from Tweak (which I read about on PW) and I love it...maybe more than my artificial fiance who is marrying me in my head.

Have I mentioned that this is all in my head?

And now it's out on the internet so you can all see how crazy I am.

I'll either be rockin' these bad boys from Toms or going barefoot. Yeah, they're white glitter. The whole bridal party will be wearin' the Toms. Because I said so. And also because I like to think about kids (and adults) who don't have shoes getting shoes so they can go to school or work to better their lives.

So, in my imaginary wedding-in my head-everyone (all the guests, not just the bridal par-tay) is wearing creams and taupes and beiges. The bridesmaids are wearing knee-length choose your own dress in beige. (I think beige since I'm the imaginary bride and I would like to stand out in white. Thankyouverymuch.)

Since they're choosing their dresses, I'm choosing the jewelry. Keeping in theme with my bangin' necklace, they will wear something like this:
Pretty right?

These are going to be the flowers decorating the reception area.
Ranunculus. Mmmmmm...gorgeous. Do you think the flowers and the neclaces are too much? I'm not sure about the bouquets we'd carry...in my head. IN MY HEAD. IN MY HEAD. I am feeling a little like I'm living in crazy-town, but I'm almost done, so want to keep going?

The reception will be in a tent. WIth a dance floor. Oh, there will be dancing. Lots and lots of dancing. We'll dance among twinkle lights and candle light and it will be beautiful. In my head, at least it's beautiful. And the food. I haven't decided what it will be, but I'm thinking buffet and finger food. I also love the idea of ice cream sundaes. (I stole that from Dennae's wedding.) Something unique for the cake. Maybe an array of different cakes. Or cupcakes. Or cheesecake. Decisions...decisions.

Of course the groom is still faceless, nameless, and non-existent.

Wish me luck!


  1. that is a *great* dress. and I'd wear toms for you.

  2. I might have to steal that toms idea!...if ever...