April 21, 2017


The other day I was getting ready for work and I started hearing a mower. Not unusual, it's spring [**SPRRRRRRRING** trill that r!] and everyone's been mowing around me. I haven't been mowing, but it's on my To Do list for this week.

Then I looked out my window and SOMEONE WAS MOWING MY LAWN.

Turns out that someone is my neighbor.

At this point I'm fresh from a shower and getting ready for work, so I finish getting ready anticipating Socially Awkward Amy at her finest because how do you approach someone you've never met who's doing something kind for you?

I step out my side door and terrify him.

"OH my gosh you scared me."

"I'm sorry, I can't believe you're mowing my lawn!  Thank you?" [ever so slight lilt because uh, what are the expectations here?] "I'm Amy."

"I'm Neighbor. Yeah, I wasn't sure anyone was living here. When did you move in?"


*awkward heh* "Yup, I've been here since November. I have hermit-like tendencies."

"I was talking to Gabe [former homeowner] and he asked if I'd met you, but I told him no. I guess I did see you the other day in your kitchen when I pulled in."

Wait. So you saw me. You've talked to the previous homeowners who know I'm living here. I HAVE THE CUTEST FRONT PORCH EVER. AND you said 'I wasn't sure anyone was living there'?

At this point I'm totally embarrassed...but don't worry, it gets better.

"Yup, I'm around. I live on a backwards schedule, so unless you're up in the middle of the night maybe you won't see much of me?" ALSO, let me take this moment to say I have NEVER seen this guy before either. I hang out on my front porch. I've been working in my backyard. NEVER SEEN THIS MAN BEFORE. I thought there were college students living in that house. "Well, thank you so much for mowing my lawn, you really didn't have to do it. I was planning on mowing Thursday when I'm off." [I'm in my scrubs, it's obvious I'm headed to work.]

"Oh, it's no problem. I mowed my lawn the other day and noticed yours was getting a little long. Honestly, it just started driving me nuts, so I just decided to mow it."

BURN. Cue increased mortification. I am a terrible grown-up, home-owner, neighbor.

"I can do the backyard too."

"NO!" *moment of silence* "I'm definitely going to to mow the backyard when I'm off. I want to do it. Don't worry about it."


*more awkward half-laughs* "Uh. OK. Well, thanks for mowing for me, Neighbor."

And just so I'm not the absolute worst, I DID mow my own lawn [with the ancient LawnBoy that came with the house--Gabe inherited it when they purchased in 2006 and it was old then]. My shoulder is still sore from starting it.

Pretty sure he's just nice. I'm not sure if the burns were intentional or I'm overly sensitive. [I mean, I am sensitive.] He did offer to let me use his lawnmower and get in his garage to get it, so that's good, right?

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