March 10, 2017

ten things

This is the [mostly] clothing and make-up version of my ten things on the tenth. (-:

one. Lane Bryant leggings
I'm obsessed with my LB leggings. Here's why they top my list: they're thick enough to wear as pants; they're high waisted - they come up almost to my bra making me feel like everything is on lockdown; and nothing is sheer on these babies. If you're not in the size 14-28 range, I'm sorry.

two. LuLaRoe
I'm drinking the koolaid and it tastes good.

My cousin started selling LuLaRoe and I can't get enough. I'm picky about my patterns because some are beautiful and lovely and some are definitely not for me. Patterns have never scared me, and I'm always partial to a good floral. I've got a couple of Irmas, a Carly [still iffy on the fit of this one], and  a pair of leggings [BLACK and buttery, but I prefer my LB ones to my LLR ones because of the whole lock-and-load things mentioned above]. Bottom row for my faves: the Nicole dress, a Madison, and a Perfect T. I'd love an Ana and maybe a Sarah.
If you want to take a peek my cousin, Liz posts to her FB page on Friday nights. Although my favorite is when she does a live unboxing; it's like I get a sneak peek before everyone else.

three. emilynoel83
Someone recommended Emily to me awhile back and I've been obsessively watching her YouTube channel. I've watched A LOT of different beauty YouTube channels and Emily is a such a good balance of drug store makeup and specialty brand makeup. She's super down to earth. She often says that because she knows her reviews mean people will be spending $$ she's very conscious about recommending things.

Several of the products below were recommended by Emily and I'm totally smitten with them all.

four-five-six. Mascara
I had this pile o' mascara in my bathroom and I'm done with it. I can never remember which ones I actually LIKE, so I went through every one to see how they lasted for a 12 hour shift at work.

seven. Makeup Revolution
I decided I was going to get rid of every other eye shadow when I snagged this baby at ULTA. It's SO PRETTY. And it's cheap [SEVEN dollars] for the pallet.

I have the Iconic 1 pallet [I've been lusting after the Naked pallets for years, but I can't convince myself to spend the money] and it's SO PRETTY.
Did I mention how pretty it is?

eight. Milani Eyeshadow Primer
OMGoodness. This has changed my game. I put a touch of this on each eyelid before I put the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow. It keeps my eyeshadow from creasing and it helps it last. I can finish a sweaty shift at work and I the eyeshadow is where it started! Amazeballs.

nine. Great British Bake Off
Netflix added two more seasons! One I've seen [I forgot about my crush on Tamal 😍😍😍] and one was new to me. The season numbers are all wonky because they're different in the countries and on Netflix. I LOVE LOVE LOVE GBBO and I'm so sad they won't be back the way they've been.

ten. pillows
I made my pillows for the front porch out of napkins and they just make the space for me! When I tell you this is an easy-peasy project, I'm not exaggerating. In about 10 minutes you can go from 2 napkins and a pillow form to a completed pillow.
Cost breakdown: napkins 8/$10, pillow forms $2.99/each = 4 pillows for just under $22

Have you been pillow shopping lately? This is a bargain!

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