October 14, 2014

ten things

1. It's October. When did that happen? [The fact that it's half-way through October and I'm saying this now, should tell you something...]

2. In honor of Autumn and All Things Pumpkin I made these pumpkin muffins:
oh.my.lanta. I don't want to toot my own horn, but these were stellar. *toot toot*

Let's give credit to the recipe creators: the muffin portion was from Annie's Eats and the crumble [double it!] was from The Café.

3. Conversation last week while listening to the The Little Mermaid OBC album:
me: I always forget that Ursula and King Triton are siblings.
friend: in real life?
me: . . .
us: **hysterical laughter**

3b. If Ursula and King Triton are siblings what do their parents look like? Are they half-siblings? Was it a mer-mom and a octo-dad? Just think about it for awhile...how do those genetics work out?

4. School has been stressful, in the stress I realized how much I want need a paper calendar. I like to write lists and add things AND CROSS THEM OFF. My phone reminds me, but the process of writing allows me to feel like I'm getting stuff done and remembering them. I ordered a cute Paper Plum Designs calendar, but it doesn't start until January, so I made this adorable notebook [The cover art is Katie Daisy, and I got it in a 3-pack from Target] into a calendar to take me through December. I know the Paper Plum calendar is expensive, but if it makes me less crazy and I use it daily it's an $0.11 a day dose of sanity.

5. I recently experienced my second doctor crush: I was assisting with intake and this physician was incredibly kind and patient with a older visitor who had an accident with a power tool and the shortening of a finger.

Kindness...be still my heart. *sigh*

6. I just spent an hour deleting stuff from my phone so I could do the new iOS update. Is this really worth it? UGH.

UPDATE: it's been 1 1/2 hours and it's not done yet. 

7. I can't decide if I want to stay in Indianapolis or not. I can't decide anything right now. People keep asking though and my answer is: I will go where I get a job [within one hour of a CNM program].

8. While attempting to take a picture of my fall nails my fingers looked like worms. Don't try to make it better, the look like worms.

9. I just took this personality test. I'm still an introvert and strongest in the "feeling" category.

10. I'm headed to Oregon to see my sweet, lovely cousin for fall break! I'm so excited to spend time with her and see the place she's lived for the past few years. Expect pictures...maybe no words, but definitely pictures.

P.S. Did you sign up for the mug exchange yet? I'm excited. There's one more week to sign up and invite your friends to sign up too! If you're thinking "but, Amy, I have a ton of mugs I don't even like" [and you live in the Indy area] holla at me and I'll help you donate them to an agency a church friend recommended. (-:

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