October 11, 2014

mug exchange!

A few weeks ago I mentioned on facebook the potential of a mug exchange...LET'S DO IT!

Why not? (-:

What the heck is a mug exchange? Well...if you follow as many bloggers and instagrammers as I do you may have seen the A Cuppa Kim mug swap. She's the original--all credit to Kim and her brilliance. [I don't even read her blog, but I love this idea!] Anyway, the mug exchange is kinda like a secret Santa. You put your name into the mix, I'll draw someone for you and send you her/his name, you pick out a sweet mug for your partner, send it to her/him, and anticipate some happy mail for yourself.

Why would you want to participate? Why wouldn't you? Sometimes I find gift giving stressful, but let's be honest: can you really go wrong with this? Nope. A totes cute mug could make anyone's day. Plus, if you wanted to add a little of this or that [this=candy bar? coffee? hot chocolate? Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Seeds? allergy friendly cookies? that=print? washi tape? adorableness that you made?] you're on your way to a totally instagrammable moment. #everymomentcanbeinstagrammed

Technically you don't even have to send a mug. Be creative! Have fun! Enjoy yourself!
mug exchange
email, address, and additional information will just be 
between you, me, and the person who's sending you mail

Questions? Concerns? Words of wisdom?

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