July 20, 2014

ten things

1. Guess what happens this week?? I START MY OB CLINICALS! Who has two thumbs and is so excited? THIS WOMAN.

2. Last week I was off from clinical for a week, so I did what I'd like to do every week and painted my nails...twice. Neon nails summer 2014!
Untitled Untitled
Why, yes, I placed every piece of glitter individually.      

3. Since it was an "easy" week, I popped [can one "pop" on a 3-hour trip?] up to the lake for a day. I went to eat in Goshen at Venturi to partake in a feast of delight. I'm pretty sure I could live in Goshen after I'm done with school.

4. I'm devouring avocados like crazy. I made corn salad last week. You should make it. It's bomb(dot)com. Freals.

5. I found my coffee shop! If you've been around for awhile, you know I love finding a sweet local spot to go for a cup of coffee and working/studying. It's about 4-5 blocks from my little space and the people who work there are fantastic. They recognized me after 3 visits and are always very kind and helpful. Plus, good coffee and treats. Duh. [There's a cherry almond bar that I will re-create.]

6. I have GIANT, SWIRLY cucumbers from the grandparent's garden. I think I'm going to make some refrigerator pickles. I'll keep you posted via IG, don't worry. [I could tell you were worried.]

7. Bloggers I'm digging lately: Jamie @ Jamie the Very Worst Missionary; Jessica @ How Sweet It Is; Roo @ SEMIPROPER

Who do you recommend?

8. I made homemade deodorant [1/2 cup coconut oil, 1/4 cup cornstarch, 1/4 cup baking soda, essential oil - I used purification blend]. It seems to be working, I'll keep you posted on my body odor.

9. I want to do a tourist day in Indianapolis. I want to eat and wander around to see and taste the BEST OF [affordable] INDY...Where should I go? What can't I miss?

10. The Nephew turns THREE this week! It hardly seems possible that this little boy has been in our family for three whole years! I love this kid! He gets funnier every day and is 100% my favorite nephew ever!

I hope your day is fantastic!


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