July 18, 2013

today I drove a Massey Furguson

I'm in Kansas for a few weeks. If you're here, holla at me! I've got a few things on my schedule, but there's always time for friends. (-:

I grew up on a farm. I've told you all about it, but I haven't done anything on the farm--work-wise--in, oh, about 12 years. So, you know, that's the lifetime of a 7th grader.
Today I broke my hiatus by spending four and a half hours discing a field.
It was a gorgeous summer day in Kansas!
Untitled Untitled

I tried to make sure that I maintained my good looks while working. I don't make the duck lips on purpose, so don't judge.

Now, the real question...does everything look better though a filter? Because I fell out of the tractor [I have a very graceful way of dismounting] and the backside of my left arm looks like this:
That's going to leave a mark.


  1. oh the Kansas summer, so beautiful!

    1. it's be a weird, weird weather visit for me. last summer it was 100+ degrees the whole time I was here. this summer it's been raining and COLD. like 60 degrees cold.

      you're beautiful, Kansas, but your weather is weird.