June 19, 2012

Cake Decorating

I can't believe I forgot to tell you about this! 
When I finally get my chance to be on some sort of Food Network baking show, I'm going to place my claim to fame in my Wilton Decorating Basics Level 1 class.

In January Kate decided she wanted to take on a new hobby: learn to crochet, learn to sew, or cake decorating. That woman spends too much time on pinterest. [hahaha, someone got her hooked...] I said I'd do cake decorating with her. [When it comes to crocheting or sewing, I don't want to do it properly, I want to do it my way! Of course.]
So, for four weeks on Monday evenings for two hours we went to Michaels for our Wilton Basics classes. IT WAS AWESOME!

Week 1: We brought sugar cookies and learned about icing consistency. The 29 is because I'm 29 and no one ever makes cookies that say 29, they usually say the numbers between 1-5. I don't know why either.
Week 2: We brought a plain, iced layer cake and decorated it following the example in the book.
Week 3: We decorated cupcakes and learned some flower techniques.
Week 4: FREE-FOR-ALL on a layer cake. We also learned how to write with icing.
I only took my big girl camera on the last day.
DSC_0762.jpg DSC_0762.jpg
The only thing I went in to the class with a strong desire to learn was how to make a seashell border. This one is not so good. But this one is not so bad.
I don't know when I'll ever use roses on a cake [it's not really my thing], but they sure are fun to make!
Messy business.

Have you ever taken a cake decorating class? A craft class? Anything like that? Would you?


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