April 21, 2012

some people

Not just any people, but people I like a whole lot:
moi, Vv, MegB, and Dan

We all met up in our nation's capital. Now is it "capitol" or "capital"? Grammar police, please assist.
tour guide.jpg
I've been debating this and have drawn no conclusion. We're not talking just about buildings, but the city of Washington, DC as "our nation's capita[o]l". [I'm going to go ahead and use the --al spelling for now.] You should know that I think saying our nation's capital is HILARIOUS especially upon repeated use. Go ahead, think I'm not funny. We all know it's a lie.
DSC_0270.jpg DSC_0270.jpg
MegB is rockin' the Charlie's Angels look.
My boobs look big [according to my mom]. That's because they are big.

So, we met up at Union Station and proceeded to get stuck underground for approximately an hour and a half. Is this because our nation's capital's metro system sucks? No, not really. Is this because we love to ride? No, not really. Is this because we are not good at staying in a group? Perhaps. Is this because we went to a stop with a non-advertised broken elevator? Why yes, it is. Is this because we went to an exit without an elevator to street level? Why yes, HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?

Were we happy to have some QT? Methinks yes.

Once we breathed the fresh city air, we headed to the first restaurant we could find. It was 2pm, I'd eaten dried fruit and almonds so far for the day and Vv and Dan hadn't eaten anything. We had an average meal with HORRIBLE service, I'm talking waiting 15 minutes for the server to pick up the incorrect check kind of service.

This was one fantastic trip to our nation's capital.
We were still having fun though because, well, WE WERE WITH EACH OTHER. Duh. (-:

So we went to the 'bucks where they don't screw things up, service is prompt and the light is nice for photos.

I'm not going to drag out the visit to our nation's capital [is it funny yet?] too much longer. This means I'll be blogging for a few days in a row! WHAT?!?! OK, I'm writing all the posts now and publishing them tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day. 

Love these people.
Love you people. 


  1. Okay--I didn't say it made your boobs look big--I said the strap across your boobs was DISTRACTING! Big difference. Love you!

    1. big...distracting..strap between them. you know. whatev.

      love you, madre.