November 14, 2011

Twenty Nine


I'm 29 today.

I was asked if it was my 19th or 20th birthday. Yeah...someday I'll actually look 29. Maybe. (-:

Let's get on the thirty by thirty now.
Things accomplished:
  • go 4 months without purchasing a clothing item (7/14-11/14)

Yup, that's it. Get ready for some list crossing off! The 14th of every month, I'm telling you what I've done. One down, twenty-nine to go! 


  1. Looking your age is overrated. At least that's what I keep telling myself, as people see me and wonder why that pregnant teenager walking around the toddler isn't in school...

  2. I figure as long as TV has 20-somethings playing high school students people are going to be all messed up on who looks "young" or even their age. Part of me appreciates it and part of me finds it annoying. However, I think it's hilarious that people think you're a pregnant teenager. (-: