November 13, 2011

etsy LOVE: Bath and Beauty

I'm baaaaaack! I wasn't really gone, but Etsy has been off the Mostly Nonsense 365 radar for far too long, don't you think?

If you're new, Etsy Love occurs somewhat regularly.

This week we're in the Etsy Bath and Beauty category!

Most expensive item:
Bath Tub by Witold Szostak $6990.00
This? THIS I LOVE. Stunning. Beautiful. Luxurious. 
Dear Future Husband, 
Wedding gift? 
<3, amy

Least expensive item:
Sounds awesome!

A few standouts:

Bowl of Fruit Loops Soap SLS Free Vegan Friendly by LaLa and Ange at beauxsavonsfrais

Goddess Loose Eyeshadow by Laura F at UnboundEdenCosmetics

What do you think? Did I miss someone awesome? This section is pretty fun! 

Disclaimer: I don't know anyone affiliated with any of these items or etsy itself, I just like to peruse the site from time to time.


  1. I got this for my sister for her birthday:

    She loves it and apparently gets lots of comments on it :) I haven't even seen it yet! Yay Etsy!

  2. @Bekah--I love that! Such a cute find! I should do an etsy post of things people actually purchased AND liked this could be one of them! hmmm....