August 26, 2010


I tried out a new place today. It was tough, but someone had to do it.
Scratch is a new Durham business, yet old because it's been around for awhile (apparently, I mean, I've only been in Durham for two years) selling pies and goodies at the Farmer's Market and starting a pie CSA.

They have a website called it's not done yet, but hopefully it will be chock-full of details soon. Pie Fantasy. Doesn't that sounds amazing? What's your pie fantasy? For me it's all about the crust. Flaky, buttery, salty crust. I haven't tried their pie yet, but I will. They also have a Facebook page

On Saturday, I finally made it to the Durham Farmer's Market where I tried a buttermilk donut muffin. Yes, they spell it d-o-n-u-t. I don't approve of that spelling, but since doughnuts are basically the best food in the entire world and I haven't had one since around August 4th, I decided it would be worth my while to get one. And I devoured it.

Oh, it was good. Moist, dense, buttery, tangy, covered in granulated sugar it made the 30 seconds it lasted the best 30 seconds of my last week. THE BEST.
When my friend Christina g-chatted me up to see if we could meet for coffee--which I always give a resounding "YES!!!" to that invitation--and then said "How about Scratch?" I believe I said "YES! YES! YES!"
I really wanted to go after walking by a few weeks ago and checking out the space. Unfortunately, they're only open until 4pm Monday-Friday and I don't go anywhere besides work on Saturdays, so for some reason, I haven't been. I need more evening hours! With my 1:30pm coffee date planned, the only thing left to do was find a parking space.
I got this latte. Just a hot, skim latte. With perfectly steamed milk and a beautiful pour. (Is there a different word for that?) It's absolutely lovely isn't it? Delicious. I'm going to go ahead and say it: Scratch's latte is top three in Durham.

I know these things.

Then I tried the chocolate donut muffin.


It didn't suck. As a matter of fact it was deeeee-licious!

The small restaurant/cafe is sweet and intimate. With exposed brick walls and bench seating all along one side of the seating area you can stop by for a quick lunch or settle in for a long chat over coffee. My favorite feature are the green stained wood topped tables.

I loved Scratch, so if you're in the Durham area you should definitely stop by.

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