August 16, 2010

Out of Order

YOU'RE out of order!

( :

OK, for reals, these are my random thoughts right now:

1a. I'm trying to be a better blogger. And I'm attempting to verbalize my struggles with daily postings. The truth is: my life is not very exciting right now. It just isn't. How am I supposed to be witty and charming and funny when nothing that elicits wit, charm or fun is happening to me?
1b. I love the Y chromosome. Just stating it for the record. If you have doubts you can go back and read the many, many, many, many previous posts about that.
2. I will never inject my lips with anything to make them look fuller. They always look fake. Are there people in this world who have had their lips done and it looks real?
3. I'm doing a project with a bookshelf. It's very exciting and I'm getting ready to go to the Scrap Exchange. This is what you have to do when you get the bookshelf for $29 vs the one for $119 at Target.
4. I want to do this: Anyone want to be my date?
5. I need a new job. I'm just sayin'. If you know of anyone looking for a kooky, creative, anal-rentive, people lovin', detail oriented, massage therapist, bakin' fool let me know. It's out there, I'm open to possibility. Deep breaths.
6. Someday I'm going to tell you about these desserts. And what they were for. And good times. Today is not that day. Maybe tomorrow?

7. I need to stop reading romance novels where people fall in love in 5 minutes. That is not real life. But they're just so full of nothing! I like thinking about nothing sometimes. Then I forget what's real and what's fake and then I live in a world of false-ality.
8. I want a new lens for my camera. Now to figure out what I want....
9. I still haven't gotten Matt a birthday present. His birthday was in April.
10. I do not like my phone.
11. Hank is so happy I'm home. He keeps shoving me closer to the edge of the bed so he can sleep right in my side. I love him.
12. Is #11 one of the many reasons why I'm single?
13. I am SO EXCITED for the DPAC season. Billy Elliot, Young Frankenstein, Blue Man Group, The Lion King, In the Heights, Shrek the Musical, and HAIR!!!! EEEEeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeee!!!!!!!
14. Durham has an inordinate amount of good looking police officers. Just an observation.
15. Arrested Development. Hilarious.


  1. There are some HOT EMTs that work out at Conner Prairie, too. Mmmmm...

  2. the event at dos perros looks awesome. I'll come with you.