January 30, 2017

house tour

I've been in Kansas visiting my family for the past week and a half, what better time to give you a short house tour than when I'm missing my house? It seems so strange to miss a house, but I do. I'm also aware of all the projects I have, and I get ants in my pants to do them when I have more than one day off.

A lot of these pictures are from when I initially bought the house--before I starting adding all my things that make it feel cozy and warm and welcoming.
my house
You can see an exterior picture in the last post, but you walk into the living room and can see straight through the dining room to the kitchen.

Initial projects:
  • Refinish those floors. I did this before I moved in. [I'll share pics and details soon, promise.]
  • I'd like to paint everything just to help it be bright and clean. Plus that lime green in the second bedroom, mustard in the dining room, and orange in the kitchen are not jiving with my style.
  • Get an exterior light at the back door. 

Next projects:
  • Figure out how the heck to even-up/smooth out/make the trim look good up close WITHOUT painting it. I don't actually want to paint it white [which basically goes against everything pinterest] I like my dark trim.
  • Get the countertops redone. I don't hate the aesthetic of the tiles, but they don't work with rolling any kind of pastry crust or cookie. I have priorities, people. 
  • GUT THE BATHROOM. Peter and I discussed this while Sarah was laboring. He's going to help me figure out all the details and I'd like to have the time to gather elements so I can a) get some bargains and b) not drop several grand in one fell swoop if I can spread it out a little. 
  • Do something with the back entry-way. Currently, it's this atrocious carpet that's stained and not sticking to the ancient cement. [Atrocious and ancient are totally the adjectives for this space, don't you want to visit?] I'd also like some kind of hand-rail with the steps, but I can't conceptualize it yet. 
Of course there are all kinds of other projects/ways to drop a lot of money between here and there, but I'll bring you along on the journey. (-:

I don't know that I have a specific "style" but I love bright and airy spaces with some pops of color. I mostly want to create a place that's both bright and warm, a space where you want to gather, rooms where you walk in and feel like you can tuck your feet under you and hug a mug of coffee and stay for awhile. 

Bright. Warm. Welcoming. Cozy.

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