June 24, 2016


I can't

At work the other night [where the majority of my social interaction occurs] one of the ladies asked me if my headband and my phone case matched. 

Turquoise + Flowers = HEAVEN. 

I hope that's part of heaven at least. 
The Pioneer Woman Flea Market Vintage Bloom mug from Walmart. You can get a set of 4 on the internet or pop into a store and purchase one. It's on my Mugs I Want short list. [Yes, I have a Mugs I Want list.]

THIS PHONE CASE. All the heart eyes. It's actually the case I'm currently using and I love it. Who are we kidding, I pretty much love everything that Rifle Paper Co puts out. It's basically a floral smorgasbord.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.18.23 PM
A cardigan with flowers on it? Obviously I needed this one. I ordered the blue and can't wait for it to arrive!

Would it be OK to purchase wallpaper for a room in a house that doesn't exist in my life yet? I can just see this in a bathroom. Or as an accent wall [even though I don't love accent walls]. Or in a closet. But definitely in my life in the future.

A backpack? It's on sale from Orla Kiely...and dang, is it cute or what? 

Are you familiar with Katie Daisy? I mean, I favorited her shop on Etsy, I follow her on IG, and I attempted to lightly stalk her when I went to Bend that one time...so I'm saying I'm a fan. (-; LOVE this print of this Mountain Bouquet

I made this little floral-ish string art:
side notes: Ignore the fuzz/stuff on my rug. Would anyone be interested in doing a string art tutorial? As in, I'll list the supplies and you go get them and I'll post a pattern and we can all do it with some kind of magical hashtag? 

What floral goodness am I missing? What have you found lately? (-:


  1. I would do the tutorial!! I've been wanting to try string art but didn't know where to start. -Emma.

    1. YAY! perfect. we'll do the thing, Emma! (-: