July 2, 2015


I love walking.

I'd probably walk everywhere if I could, but sometimes it's not the most...reasonable...mode of transportation. For example: after 10pm in my neighborhood by myself. I sometimes think about making intelligent choices, Mom.
Nia and I have had ants in our pants about our grown-up nursing jobs to start [she has one, I'm still waiting on DreamJob2015] and we get together for 7am morning walks around Indianapolis. This morning we hoofed it 18,470 steps.

Of course, we started by walking to the doughnut shop. Priorities.
There's a doughnut at General American Donut Company called The Bennie that was possibly the best thing to cross my lips in forever. It was heaven. Go get yerself one if you're in Indy. Then walk 5 miles to work it off. (-;

We followed paths and found flowers and trees and buildings and other delights.
"Look at mah leg! LOOK!"

Then we were back in my 'hood and walked on some of the smaller side streets I hadn't been down before. And I fell in love.

With a house.

It was tiny and beautiful and I wanted it.

Can I be a homeowner? Can I mow a lawn? Can I unplug a toilet? How much can I take out for a mortgage? Who will loan this new-graduate, pre-job human being money? Am I a grown-up? I love this house.

Then I did some more research and freaked out a little. I'm so not ready to adult. Maybe I'm ready to adult? House payments? Taking care of things? I can do that....maybe? No. YES. I can do that.

How much would payments be on that casita?


Then I fell out of love.

It was a torrid, fast, tumultuous romance.

But now I'm thinking about homeownership. WHAAAAT.

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