November 17, 2014

32 thoughts

1. Some days you need an attitude adjustment with a pep talk only you can give yourself. Big girl panties, one leg at a time.

2. Find the words to ask for what you need.

3. If someone tells you they don’t fart, they are a liar.

4. Chocolate chip cookies are always better with a sprinkle of salt on top. (Jacque Torres makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever, but you have to plan ahead at least 24 hours. The cookies pictured are Joy the Baker’s Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.)

5. Pour over coffee has ruined me for everything else. I will never be fully satisfied with a brewed cup of joe again. It’s beautiful and tragic.

6. Trying to not make friends never works out well for me. Dang you, lovable people.

7. Leggings as sleepwear. [I’m even coming around to them as pants as long as your bum is covered. [WHO AM I??]

8. Epsom salt baths are a game changer.

9. Massage school helped me be aware of parts of me I didn’t know.

10. Body Awareness --> Body Acceptance: it’s a journey, not a destination

11. IMG_4361

12. If I could find a man who was a mix of this character (Gilbert), this character (Simon), this character (Johnny/Max), and this character (Brian Kelly) I’d be all over that. I’d also probably be a character and not the living, breathing amy you see before you. (-:

13. Half of nursing school is a test in thinking critically. They tell you that when you start and you’re (I was) all “pfffft. I’ve got that skill.” WRONG. Amy, you’ll LEARN that skill and then you can show us that you know it.

14. Full disclosure: I’m still a baby (student) nurse and my critical thinking requires cross-reference with at least 3 books. Unless it’s a test question about lasix…then it’s all about the potassium.

15. Don’t forget compassion.

16. Real life is messy. Stop trying to make it all glossy and perfect.

17. I like this: Peace is the absence of need. Needs cannot be met through war, they can be met through instruments of sustenance (holla at me swords into plowshares).

18. I think I’m highly sensitive.

19. I can’t figure out what White Winter Hymnal is about, but I like it. Anyone?

20. Follow people you love on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. if they don’t feed a part of you, block that business…or unfollow…WITHOUT GUILT.

21. Don’t overpost on any of the above either. You’re allotted 1-2 max per day with allowances on special days…otherwise you’re that person who’s sending 27 pointless emails per week. [Someone had to say it.]

22. 32

23. If you’re in a rut with your response to “How are you doing?” “How is life?” “How is school?” I challenge you to give real answers.

24. If you’re asking the questions, “How are you doing?” “How is life?” “How is school?” I challenge you to listen to real answers.

25. I recently noticed my response is “BUSY.” Yes, school and work are busy…but I was forgetting to be grateful for moments and find my happy in the midst of all the stuff. I got so caught up in being “busy” that I forgot to pay attention to the moments and how I felt in the moments. Basically, I stopped being…me. I became a student robot. Ew. I’m working on it…now to be willing to say when things aren’t “great!” or “fantastic!”

26. Print your pictures, yes your favorite ones that you took with your phone. Just do it. Trust.

27. Being single is not an illness or anything that needs to be fixed…nor is it a reason to wait to fully delve into life. You be you.

28. I’m going to be over here being me.

29. Authenticity. Transparency. Can you handle all of this? *I just gestured to all of me.*

30. A properly placed curse word is especially satisfying.

31. Let your massage therapist work on your glutes and hips.

32. qq

I totally look 32 now.
See? That face is totes three decades plus two years.

Do thirty-two-year-olds say “totes”?

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