May 3, 2013

they're in love

We've been friends since August 2001. That's when we met. I was walking up the stairs and turned toward my grandparents, "I'm in room 336*. All the way on the third floor."

"What did you say? 336?" I looked at the sweaty girl above me on the stairs. Somebody sure was nosy. "Uh. Yes." 

"Oh, me too. I'm Sarah." 

Then I walked into our room and we started bringing all of my stuff up and getting settled in. She left for a few minutes and I looked at my grandparents. "That sign says something about being a vegetarian. DO YOU THINK SHE COULD BE A VEGETARIAN?!"

She was the first vegetarian my age I'd met. Sarah was also my first roommate, but the vegetarian part was obviously more crucial to me. And, now I'm the weirdo vegetarian. My how things shift. (-: 

Now, she's marrying Peter.
They're going to be roommates and I'll be on the curb. Kidding, we haven't lived together since May 2005, but those were some good years. 
Aren't they beautiful?
collage.jpg collage.jpg
I was excited to take rainy, spring pictures. Sarah and Peter were such good sports the whole time. Sarah's only request was vintage filters and a few black and whites. Peter's only request was a Pinterest moratorium.
Sorry, Peter you can keep dreaming.

*I cannot remember our actual room number. 332? 334? It was even and on the third floor. That's all I've got. 


  1. Where did you take these?

    1. This is outside at the museum in Indy. Sooooo, pretty!

    2. I love that bridge--it looks more like Central Park than the IMA. You, madam, are super talented and the only reason I don't hate you for it is because I like you so much.