April 24, 2013

class of 2013

It's almost May, that means graduation season is just around the corner. Never mind that it's sleeting and snowing and the weather still thinks it's winter, SPRING IS HERE BECAUSE GRADUATION IS HAPPENING WHETHER THE TEMPERATURE SAYS SO OR NOT.

I envisioned the world yelling that, hence all the caps. That sentence made more sense in my mind, but when I really analyze it graduation=spring it doesn't actually make sense, so ignore me.

These two lovelies are graduating this year from high school. They're both my cousins and I love them dearly and they're so grown up. I've always hated those people who talk about being old and blah blah blah, but freals...this makes me feel old. I held them as infants. I played with them as toddlers. I braided hair as pre-teens.

Now they're adults! WHAAAAAA!

I'm done.
j.hoffman senior
k.fair senior
k.fair senior j.hoffman senior
When I see that I've taken pictures this similar of different people at different times I think...this could possibly be part of "my style" as a photo-taker. It's hard to figure out and describe your personal style [at least it's hard for me], but sometimes it slaps you in the face. Oh.
j.hoffman senior
k.fair senior
Happy graduation!

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