December 17, 2012


This year Michelle's annual Friendsgiving was December 1st. So, if I'm posting pictures only 15 days late and not over 30 [just wait, I still have birthday pictures to show you!] I feel that I'm accomplishing some sort of goal.

Thank you.

This is Michelle, she's our hostess. She's holding a turkey neck in this picture.
turkey! #fgchicago2012 the feast #fgchicago2012

This is Rachel. She put together the relish tray in case people were hungry while the turkey was cooking. She also found this geode at her parent's house that looked yonic [that means it was deemed a "vageode"]
@thelastrachelonearth put together the relish trays for #fgchicago2012 @thelastrachelonearth found a vageode (vagina geode in case you were confused). #fgchicago2012

This is me. Carving a turkey. I'm kind of the official turkey carver. Did you know that I'm a vegetarian? Is this irony?
Amy cuts the bird. #fgchicago2012

This is Emily. She's my friend from forever. She recently moved to Illinois and come over so I could hug her face and it made me crazy happy. We were both really excited to eat this dessert and then it tasted like this:
You should know that this is her second bite because I requested an example of how we felt eating the first bite so I could photo-document. Emily took one for the team. 
IMG_5283.JPG flexy man #fgchicago2012
Yeah. We needed coffee to wash that out of our mouths, so mid-party we took a little walk over to Starbucks. You know, because that's normal. (-:

CAMEL DOWN! I drank out of plastic cups with my name written in permanent marker on the side, but assisted this person in accumulating as much glass decor as possible. These make it easy to identify your beverage, but they seem to impair the whole drinking process. I'm a good friend.
camel down! #fgchicago2012

Sarah. The former college roommate. She's engaged. What a grown-up.
Sarah found her new favorite! #figpreserves #fgchicago2012


BRUNCH! [because, obviously, we needed more food]
@jengaqueen @mskeim #fgchicago2012 melty. #fgchicago2012
IMG_5283.JPG coffee, I heart you.
During the party a question was asked:
Question: Why are my chocolate cookies always flat?
Carrie: Your butter is probably too soft.
Man: It could be many things.
Carrie: Yeah, but I'm pretty sure it's because her butter is too soft.
Man: I hate to pull rank, but I'm a pastry chef.

Then, everything we did had a "I hate to pull rank..." joke attached.
I don't mean to pull rank, but I invented spoons on noses. #fgchicago2012
I hate to pull rank, but I invented spoons on noses.
hot chocolate! @mskeim #fgchicago2012
I hate to pull rank, but I have a degree in swirling whipped cream on hot chocolate.
glasses! @amaleigh81 #fgchicago2012
I hate to pull rank, but I created cat-eye glasses.

This photo is by the amazing Meagan and it's my fave from the whole weekend!

love these people.
love you people.

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