November 15, 2012

I'm THIRTY: 30 x 30

I guess I haven't given you an update since May...and I am 30 now, so I've been asked by a couple of friends about how it went.

Welllllll, it's still going. (-: I mentioned this in the May update, but I've given myself permission to keep working on my list until my 31st birthday. I know, I know. This doesn't make it a THIRTY BY THIRTY, but it's my THIRTY BY THE END OF THIRTY.

Judge me if you want, but let's keep it real: I'm gonna do what I want.

Without further ado:
  • Health and Fitness
    • get acupuncture
    • lose 25 pounds-5 pounds to go! 
    • run a 5K
    • run a 10K
    • run the Indy-mini
    • complete a fast 
I have been a complete slacker. I have barely been working out anything except my brain and there are days when that's not going so well...
  • Financial
    • invest money into a stock
    • put $3000 in savings and keep it there for 6 months or longer [just noticed the typo in the original document, awesome.]
    • purchase a car, make payments rounded up to the nearest 100 for 12 months-Car purchased Aug 2011, one year into a 3 year loan. (-:
Can we talk about school loans? living on them? FOR EVERYTHING? I'm scared. Hold me. 
  • Academic
    • apply and get accepted and attend a master's program, so I'm not going to a master's program. I AM going back to school! 
    • learn more about the bible
    • take a healing touch class
Yup, going back to school. Need to read the bible more. Get on looking for a healing touch class, my friend who has taken one took from a program that teaches a weekend in Indy, so I'm going to try to get in there! 
  • Creative
    • get paid to take pictures
    • submit something to be published
    • write 3 chapters for a book
    • sell 10 items on Etsy
Can we keep it real? I just can't care about these things right now. True story, that's how I'm going to roll. 
In knowing I was moving, it wasn't fair to a Little that I would leave her so quickly...that has been delayed for a bit until I get my life in some kind of order. Or maybe just slightly less chaos is a more attainable timeline. 
  • Challenges
    • flirt
    • say "yes" to dates-
    • go 4-months without purchasing a clothing item
    • go a month without a cell phone
  • Travel
    • travel alone
    • go to Canada-Will people flip if I travel to Canada alone? It's just across the border...
    • go to Mexico
Why am I poor? Why?!? Why? WHYYYYY?!?!?! 
  • FUN!
    • grow hair out and donate it-so close! I'm hoping for a spring chop! Here's a recent picture with it straight. It's definitely not this red either! 
    • wear make-up daily for a month-
    • be in a community musical-BLARG. BLECH. BOO. Can we invent a place where days have 40 hours in them so I can get everything I want to do done? While we're at it will you send me a future LOML who is independently wealthy? pleaseandthankyou?
    • find a cakewreck, submit it and have it show up on their website  

You know I started taking classes in August, right? And that I'm transitioning to Indianapolis? And that I forgot how to be a student? And that it's way harder now that I'm 30 and not 19 and I actually care about what I'm doing? [Is there a correlation there? age and caring and grades?]

Anyway, I mention the school thing becuase it's basically the priority in my life right now. That's why blogging will be sporadic [unless I'm avoiding work] and picture-taking will be minimal. Not that that's how I want it to be but if I could figure out how to get money from taking pictures and being crafty and drinking coffee and rambling about non-important non-life-altering things that would be totally rad. If it provided enough money for actual travel that would be even more rad.

I don't feel like that's my calling anyway, so...yeah. Just a happy fantasy to distract me from the real goal.

I'm in-progress for a lot of items and I don't want to totally give up on some of them. Hence my extended deadline to November 14, 2013. So before I turn 31, I will accomplish most of my list!

I will leave you with a picture of me from last year:

And this year:

love you people.


  1. If you want to learn more about the book of Judges, let me know. :-)

    In other news, San Diego is super-close to Mexico. This means that you should visit the Tremills before turning 31. That is all.

    1. haha.

      Josh, a visit to San Diego is at the top of my list! The questions are mostly a)when? b)how to afford? I think part b) will be answered with "school loans" and part a) will have to be answered later.

      miss you tons!

  2. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I know I did today. Go you on your 30 by 30!

    1. thanks, Jody! I'm trying...some days I can only focus on ONE THING and it's not on the list.

      but, I'm ok with that. (-: