January 24, 2012

New Glasses!

Old glasses.

New glasses.

I'll admit it: they took me awhile to like them. At first I thought they were too mod, too cat-eye, too, too much. I did instantly love the clear frames because you can see more of...ME!

I posted this picture of me on facebook and I feel it necessary to tell you it's edited. I'm photoshopped. My skin isn't really that nice. (-:


I feel better now that I've come clean with you about using my phone apps to make myself look better.

The real reason I'm posting about my new glasses is that they were an AWESOME DEAL! You know I love a bargain. I paid $6.95 for these babies. Yes, they're prescription. Yes, they're good quality.

How did I get them for less than $7? I went to Coastal.com where they have a first pair free deal! You just use the code FIRSTPAIRFREE, it's listed on their website. I don't have a current prescription nor do I have the money to get a current prescription, but you can enter your own prescription and measure the distance between your pupils, send it in and a few days later--glasses in the mail! Whoo-hoo! I should say that I feel good about using my old prescription [I have the forms from the optometrist] because my eyes haven't changed since 8th grade. The doctor said I've plateaued and will probably be the same for awhile now.

You can "try" them on [I didn't] and now that I'm playing around with it, I can't figure out how to make the glasses actually fit the face. I will bring you this:
You're welcome. 

Are fun, funky, new frames in your future? I can't wait to see!

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