August 11, 2011

10 things I'm sharing with you

1. I got a new-to-me car. YAY!!! I'm still thinking of a name, but she's lovely. [lovely=more reliable]

2. I'm getting a new windshield on my new-used car. It has a ding and a crack...neither of which are in vision disrupting places, but between summer heat and winter cold, I figure I should take care of it.

3. I'm searching for an apartment.

4. I'm searching for a job.

5. Both #3 and #4 take place in Fort Wayne, Indiana...anyone with a hook-up?

6. Yesterday my mom and I spent the day together. Lunch, thrifting/antiquing aaaand a movie. It was a good day. Who knew I loved old linens as much as I do?

7. Go see The Help. DO IT. Of course, you should also read the book. Both are fantastic in their own way.

8. I want freckles across my nose.

9. I'm eating a cinnamon roll and drinking coffee at The Well. I'm not sitting in my corner. I spent $3.52. Where does that happen? McPherson, Kansas.

10. Spending time with my nephew did not help my need/desire/aching in my loins to have a baby.
Dear Future Husband, 
Please show up soon. I don't think I can 
afford a baby on my own. Plus making 
one will be expensive so I need your 
free "stuff."
Love, amy

[Does that sound enticing for my future husband? No? Dang it.]


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