July 23, 2010

I Like Tomatoes


I like 'em.

Today one of my clients brought me tomatoes! I was so happy! If I could have all my tips in garden-grown vegetables and fruits, I would!

(If I could end all my sentences with exclamation points I would!!!)

I made a sandwich. I would have taken a picture, but I forgot. I'll describe it: I picked up some Sourdough-Corn-Rye bread baked at Ninth Street Bakery in Durham and some mild Wisconsin cheddar at Whole Foods. I toasted my bread lightly, then spread a layer of mayo (a thick layer because I love me some mayonnaise), placed a few slices of cheese, a layer of butter lettuce, and then I added slices of my lovely tomato to finish it off.

Then I ate it and all was right in my world.

Then Sweet Tea licked my plate clean and all was right in her world.

And that's that.

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