May 6, 2010

Speaking of Crafty...

What? You didn't know we were speaking about craftiness?

Well, we were.

And I made this:
I found a link to the directions over on Apartment Therapy, which took me to Holidash.

And as we all know, I don't follow directions well, so I did it myyyyyyyyyyyyyy way. (Who's singing?)

And by doing it my way, I'm really saying that I used hot glue rather than regular glue because when I tried it with regular glue all the petals kept uncurling. Boo! Hot glue is amazing.

(This is actually my second one...the first one is red and it's cute, but not as nice as this one. I made the first while watching Sixteen Candles and waffling between drooling over Jake Ryan and reminding myself that he's fictitious character...and being crafty. You just try to convince my mind that neither Jake Ryan or Gilbert Blythe will ever show up on my doorstep. I live in a constant state of delusion.)

So, I whipped this pretty little thing up in about 45 minutes and it cost a whopping $0.50 (or there abouts, mostly because a sheet of felt is cheap!) so I'm quite happy.

Now I'm wearing it and it looks cute!
I'd put one of these on a headband or on a hat or on a cardigan or on a shirt or on a many possibilities!

Happy crafting!

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