February 2, 2011

Wanna go on a walk?

I know many of you are experiencing some snow. Some snow like this:
Chicago, IL by Michelle
Mount Pleasant, MI by Becky
Westfield, IN by Nicole
Chicago, IL by Marissa
McPherson, KS by Matt P.

Yup, it looks pretty chilly and white in all these places. Do you know how long it's been since I've experienced real snow? Years, people. Yes, I'm jealous. 

Of course, today it was about 64 and partly sunny when I left my house. So I wore a t-shirt, light cardigan, jeans and my TOMS and set off for a walk around the dirty D. Final destination: Parker and Otis for a grilled pimento cheese sammich. ( :
Bike coop? Like a chicken coop? I'm imagining a place where the bikes are stored with a large chain link fence around it. What? A bike co-op? Well, that changes things. 

These bull bike racks are in several places around the Bull City. I think they're quite interesting. 
"True community is based upon
equality, mutuality, and reciprocity
It affirms richness of individual 
diversity as well as the common
human ties that bind us together."
I need to learn more about this woman. 
The Carolina Theatre, it's where I see (sometimes weird) Indie movies. 

To me, this is Durham. The old tobacco warehouses and factories that are now apartments and offices and restaurants. 
Can someone tell me what this means? What is a cigarette that satisfies? Does that mean it has more nicotine? Better flavor? It suppresses your appetite?

Thanks for hanging out with me. Stay warm and safe wherever you are!


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