February 17, 2011

Music for Yooooou

Hi, have I told you how much I love you lately? You forgot? I'm sorry, I'll be better.

I luv you.

After spending some time in Twitter-ville, I kept coming across people talking about The Avett Brothers. I trust the people I'm friends with on Twitter. I must find this music. I must listen to it. I must like it.

Found it on on Amazon. [For $5! you know I love a deal!]

It happened to be this live album:

Love it. Although, sometimes there's some questionable screaming. I only mention this because I'm concerned for the vocal chords of whoever is screaming/yelling/shouting/passionately making noise.

Here's the song that gave me pause:

I think you might need it in your life. Would you like it?

Aaaaaaannnnnnnddddd the winner is: 
[And, yes, I only counted the first responses from Lee and Rachel in the running dialogue occuring. ( :]

Leave me a comment telling me what new music group or album you're smitten by right now. Hopefully we'll discover some new music in our lives. ( : 
Deadline: Next Thursday, Feb. 24
[We don't have to be BFF for you to enter. It's ok. I'm just going to email the winner the album 
via Amazon. Go ahead. You can do it.]



  1. Well I'm going to tell you about...no not justin bieber...but a group called Murder By Death.
    Sounds like it should be a screamo band right? Nothing could be further from the truth. I love them. I love you. Happy listening...
    i like this one and....
    this one. Michael and I love this one the best.
    I feel like these two songs give you a pretty good idea of what Murder By Death sounds like.

  2. While not a new album nor a new band/singer - Sara Watkin's self titled album is out of this world! It was released in 2009, but is new to me (new, as in yesterday!)! My fav is "Where Will You Be" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUvPS0czxvo

    You may know Sara of Nickel Creek fame. I can't believe it took me this long to get a hold of her solo album - AAA-Mazing!

  3. The other day I finally listened to an album that has been in my possession for about a week. It's the newest album by one of my favorite schitck bands. But it's a schtick band that plays really good music. It's Carnal Carnival by Here Come the Mummies. Their style is described as terrifying funk from beyond the grave.

    They pretty much rock hardcore. And are as funky as the undead can be. You see, they always play dressed up as mummies. It's soooo much fun!

  4. I had a realization last night that I need to purchase an album - I don't get this feeling very often because I'm a big Pandora listener....but last night it just hit me. I really love the sound of The Script. They're on the radio right now, which is kind of a turn-off, but I'm going to push through and get over their popularity and just enjoy their music. :) LOVE their sound - good melodies, great voices, good stuff!

  5. You already know my current faves! But if you are looking for someone that you might not know, though I've loved for a long time, check out Carrie Newcomer: http://www.carrienewcomer.com/#carrie-newcomer-the-geography-of-light.html

    Her most recent albums have a strong progressive spirituality bent to them and she is basically just awesome. Tours a lot too so you can see her live! And lives in Indiana... I suspect you will love her.

  6. Also, if you have never checked out Me First and the Gimmee, Gimmees... Well, the are super fun and rock really hard.

  7. I love Me First and the Gimme Gimmes too! They totally rock. I made my dad listen to them and he likes them too. He even did a "Name That Tune" game with his friends using them.

  8. Rachel, glad I'm not the only one! I find them to be excellent cleaning the house music!

  9. I don't really listen to much other than Mutual Kumquat in my car and The Weepies station on Pandora which has a few other artists I like as well although I don't remember names right now....

  10. music.... yeah. Ah!

    I have been listening recently to Patty Griffin's "Downtown Church."
    Her clear vocals, and deep feeling behind her words are what i really like about her. I used one of her songs in a sermon recently. She sings the way I wish I could.

  11. Honestly, I've been liking "You are my little bird" by Elizabeth Mitchell ... but maybe it's because of Mariel, but it's so sweet! :)