January 9, 2011


A series in purple. 

We have been friends since before I can remember. When was before I can remember? I don't know, I can't remember. 
(I just cracked myself up. Please feel free to not think that I'm as funny as I think I am. People who think they're funny are interesting though, aren't they? I think yes. Is that stating the obvious?)

I may have mentioned time for friends and coffee was primary during the last few weeks of my life. This is one of those people I spent as much time as possible with. I snapped a lot of pictures of the Beckster, but these three are my favorites because 1)they're in focus [mostly], 2)she's wearing purple and it's vibrant so I could do some color isolation photo action, 3)purple happens to be Becky's favorite color, 4)after every click of the camera Becky said "I don't know why you're doing that, they're always terrible!"

Reason numero 4 is why I included photo numero dos.



So pretty!

Hugs and kisses, Becky!


  1. ooo. great pictures of friends.

    and: Love the header! (and the snark contained therein.)

  2. Kathy, Thanks! I thought the snark was appropriate after all the crap some people gave me while I wasn't blogging. Of course those people giving me crap were primarily the people I was with (which was why I wasn't blogging)! haha!

    ( :