November 28, 2010

The Hair Debate

I'm getting my hair cut on Thursday.

Here's the debate:
a chop vs. a shape

Do I go pixie short? Do I keep it just semi-short? Do I get it cut for straight hair? Do I just let the stylist do whatever she wants? Do I debate and deliberate while walking away looking the same as I did when I went into the salon? Do I cut a heavy bang like I long for in my heart, knowing that with my hair texture a heavy bang is going to end tragically? NO.

This is one of life's dilemmas. Of course, I saw this picture in RealSimple and then I wanted to chop every hair on my head off.
But, it's winter, it's cold, I like to wear hats (if I wear a hat when I have short hair I end up looking bald, which isn't really my goal), so perhaps I should keep it longer and just put out the effort to straighten it more often. Why straight? Because it won't curl properly right now which brings me back to the whole reason it's DRIVING ME CRAZY.

Hair is a big deal.

What should I do with my hair?!?!?!?
Keep it the way it is-ish (I mean, something's going to happen).
Chop it off in the spring.
Grow that mop out.
I do not care, stop asking me stupid questions. free polls

So, I'd like to take a poll. I'm not saying that I'm going to do what you vote for. I'm just taking it into consideration. Because my number one rule is: I do what I want

Thank you for letting me be neurotic and giving me your opinion. I really do appreciate it.

Well, I wouldn't call it a pixie-pixie, but it's short and I like it. ( :
Photo 100.jpg


  1. ... I mean. I think it's cute now. but if you get her to cut it while it is straight, you could straighten more often, since it is all dry and stuff during winter.

    but you are just cute, dear.

  2. I hear you say "I do what I want." with like, an accent. You know the one. And a finger snap.

  3. i love you people. ( :

    you have to do the duck lips too, Rach.

  4. Ha! Of course the polls are in favor of the pixie--it's not the VOTERS' hair that's getting lopped off, it's YOURS! I say consider your long term prospects and the meaning behind the commentaries. You want a man, right? They tend to find long hair sexy. You want to not spend hours fixing your short stubs of hair, right? Face it with curly hair this will be your reality. Do you want to be cute or do you want to be SEXY?? I believe it's the latter...;)

  5. Viola, you are hilarious. I literally laughed out loud.